Adornments Joins the Gift Network

News …….   Adornments joins “The Gift Network”

What could be more satisfying & efficient than being able to post a wish-list or buy online for the goods you covet for that special occasion!

Toronto independent retailers have banded together on to offer multi-store registries for bridal, anniversary, birth, graduation, job promotion, and other events, even Xmas, Hannukah, etc.  Those life-changing moments that merit commemoration….

Register for free at a participating store (including Adornments), build your online registry from the selections the shops post or have a shop place a particular item on your personal list.

Friends and family can discreetly go online to find your wish-list and buy items from any of the retailers outright, or chip-in towards the total cost with other contributors.

Ask for the brochure at Adornments and have us sign you up as a registrant.

(Our selections will be online mid-November. Look for the Adornments page on the TGN website.)


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